The good reasons for dematerialization

The 4 good reasons to dematerialize in companies !

Dematerialization brings real added value to businesses
Dematerialization brings real added value to businesses

Most companies still use paper documents far too much, whereas it is now necessary to dematerialize. Digitization will allow for better document traceability, better accessibility, considering the stakes linked to sustainable development, modernization of exchanges, a reduction in terms of savings but also improve your customer relations and of course your brand image with your customers or prospects.

Why do we have to dematerialize in companies? What are the advantages of dematerialization? This article will present you the 4 good reasons to dematerialize your business.

First of…

What is dematerialization?

Dematerialization is the replacement of physical information media, often in paper form, by computer files in a company. It works with electronic document management (EDM) which is very useful for project management when procedures and workflows are dematerialized.

There are 4 pillars of dematerialization :

  • The creation
  • Management
  • Diffusion
  • Conversation of computerized documents.


Here are the 5 good reasons to start dematerializing within an organization!

1- A guaranteed time saving

Guaranteed time saving
Guaranteed time saving

reason is to save time for your entire team. In companies, it often takes time to locate and update a paper document among the thousands of documents held by a company. The dematerialization will then allow you to avoid wasting time searching for a document since it will be accessible quickly and easily in electronic version.

We can then understand that dematerialization therefore generates profit.

« Remember that time is money » Benjamin Franklin.


2- Savings achieved

Save money with enterprise dematerialization
Save money with enterprise dematerialization

According to the study of the BVA, the cost of sending a paper is between € 9.00 and € 15.00 (if we consider the travel and the printing, the setting under envelope, postage…).

Dematerialization reduces printing and transportation costs, as well as the time required to obtain relevant documents.

In terms of employee productivity, saving money with digitization is one of the biggest benefits.



3- The loyalty of your customers and the increase of prospects

Retain your customers and increase your prospects
Retain your customers and increase your prospects

A few years ago, the exchanges were carried out through letters, but today, the exchanges are often by e-mail. Dematerialization has become an important technological development.

Dematerialization brings you a real added value since it develops commercial efficiency. Now, companies and their customers are led to exchange through secure spaces that will generate a climate of trust and a lasting relationship with the customer.

Digitization will improve the speed of response to customer complaints. Much more efficient, customers will be satisfied with a quick and even immediate response.


4- An amazing new way of working

Adopt a new way of working within your organization
Adopt a new way of working within your organization

Many companies find it difficult to change their work habits… They don’t want to dematerialize because they have been working with paper for many years and these methods work very well for them. However, dematerialization provides better tracking and traceability of documents.

It also improves flexibility because it allows the employee to work remotely. This flexibility will generate a satisfaction of the team that will be able to work in home office.



So don’t be afraid of change! The dematerialization will enable companies to reduce their carbon footprint to take part in a common goal for sustainable development, to reduce the working space and therefore their costs but also to increase employee satisfaction.


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