Our Arioflow solution

Our Arioflow solution is the global platform for managing risk management.

You can quickly design, build and deploy your applications. In an application, you can manage your processes, edit your inspections, administer your data, manage your documents and analyze your KPIs. The applications can be available in web, smartphone and tablet versions, both connected and disconnected.


You have the choice


You can use an application created by one of our experts.


We can also build costum applications.


You can use Arioflow combined with our drones.



A complete solution for all types of companies

Our Arioflow solution is aimed at all companies carrying out inspections, expertise and field checks. You can dematerialize your content and distribute it via the Arioflow platform.


Insurance expertise

Expertise en assurance - solution Arioflow

Arioflow Innovation now offers a complete solution for insurance expertise.

With Arioflow, you can dematerialize any type of form. The experts will be able to take the claim directly from the tablet. After that, make an estimate and automatically integrate this information in the back officeback-office chain but also in the extranets of insurers. (Darva, Mercury and Axatel)

Transport security

Transport security - Arioflow solution

Arioflow Innovation offers you a complete solution for security inspections.

Every day, inspectors at Total worldwide monitor the safety of all vehicles entering our fuel depots for refuellingrefueling every day. This is called the Safe-To-Load inspection. Tablet entries can be used to immediately verify compliance, inform stakeholders and synthesize the analyzed data.

Civil Aviation

Aviation civile - solution Arioflow

Arioflow Innovation offers a complete solution for the civil aviation sector.

Our Arioflow solution allows you to inspect fuel depots used for civil aviation around the world. You can also follow the recommendations and automatically generate Word reports.

Content provider

Diffuser un contenu réglementaire - solution Arioflow

Dematerialize your inspection contents and distribute them via the Arioflow platform !

We can dematerialize your paper content through the Arioflow platform as we do with the CNPP organization. With the Digital Fire LicenceLicense pack, CNPP dematerializes its form and simply shares it with all signatories. From their smartphones, tablets or web browsers. Guided by multimedia aids, it is easier to analyseanalyze risks, define preventive actions and set up control and warning systems. Once the permit has been validated, each person involved can know in real time the progress of the implementation of the fire permit, but also the rounds they have planned. The Arioflow platform makes it easy to distribute any type of inspection form.

Protect and inspection of industrial sites

From the Arioflow solution and our drone expertise, you can build a complete solution to monitor and inspect industrial sites.

Configuration on Arioflow

Drone design

Data acquisition and processing

Arioflow visualization


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