Job : insurance expertise

Application : sinister management


  • Tablet application
  • Remote Assistance
  • Application Insurer database integration


When the client of an insurance company is the victim of a disaster, the expert goes on site to assess the extent of the damage. He observes the slightest details, researches the causes of the accident and estimates the amount of damage. All our projects are carried out taking into account good practices in the field of Quality, Hygiene, Safety and Environment (QHSE).

Our experts have created business applications, providing real-time expert reports to their clients, making their experts more mobile and removing paper from Claims Management. The adoption of the solution should allow insurance companies to ensure shorter processing times while remaining competitive.


A modern, simple and customizable tool 100% digital.

  • Easy creation and publication of pre-filled claims reports with known information (file number, address …),
  • Adding photos, videos and comments to folders,
  • Configuring the own collaborative workflow,
  • Alert system,
  • Dashboard to evaluate the performance of the expertises,
  • Dashboards to evaluate the performance of teams and carriers,
  • Works in connected and disconnected mode,
  • Multilingual input (including Arabic and Chinese).


Usable on PC / MAC, tablet or smartphone.

  • Acceleration of the expertise proces
  • Differentiation and market share
  • Reduction of administrative costs
  • Reduction of error rates
  • Team productivity

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