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Job : Security transport

Application : Arioflow


Solution available via web interface and downloadable apps on Google Play and App Store.

Every day around the world, inspectors check the safety of all vehicles entering fuel depots for supplies. This is called Safe-To-Load inspection. The entries made on tablets make it possible to check compliance immediately, to inform the stakeholders and also to analyze the data summaries.


Functional description of the process

Step 1: Yard Inspection

  • Select the STL inspection type and display the form
  • Point-by-point realization of the inspection,
  • Choice of the type of product transported,
  • Contextual help related to each control point,
  • Photo attached to each control point,
  • Automatic determination of the overall compliance of the truck on the tablet according to the rules defined at the subsidiary level,
  • Safe to Load forms sent to cloud infrastructure for consolidation and storage.

Step 2: Automatic actions «post inspection»

  • PDF export of the Safe to Load form completed,
  • Archiving in Arioflow EDM,
  • Email reports to subsidiaries and carriers.

Step 3: KPIs and data mining

  • KPIs delivered in standard,
  • Search for Safe to Load according to advanced criteria and via the EDM.


Systematic inspection of trucks.

  • Grilles de contrôle pour les camions (opéré GPL conditionné, opéré lubrifiant conditionné, vrac enleveur et vrac opéré),
  • Questionnaires personnalisables en fonction des filiales,
  • Questions bloquantes (gestion des dérogations par filiale),
  • Actions spécifiques déclenchées en fonction de la nature des contrôles et du workflow configuré,
  • Système d’alerte,
  • Tableaux de bord pour évaluer la performance des équipes et des transporteurs,
  • Repère des tendances en termes de sécurité.
  • Fonctionne en mode connecté et déconnecté,
  • Saisie multilingue (dont l’arabe et le chinois).


Usable on PC / MAC, tablet or smartphone.

  • Increase the quality of controls and allow their traceability
  • Develop analysis and use of STL data
  • Provide inspectors with online help
  • Improve the communication of results with carriers and the affiliate internally.