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Arioflow is the complete platform for risk management through inspections, controls, audits and expertises. Use the power of tablets and smartphones to increase the responsiveness and productivity of your specialists and improve your business processes with our turnkey solution.


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Our Arioflow solution: the platform for risk management.



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Real cases

The Arioflow collaborative platform is a complete solution for all types of companies for risks management.

Insurance expertise


Arioflow Innovation now offers a complete solution for insurance expertise.

Transport security


Arioflow Innovation offers you a complete solution for security inspections.

Civil Aviation


Arioflow Innovation offers a complete solution for the civil aviation sector.

Content provider


Dematerialize your inspection contents and distribute them via the Arioflow platform !

Site protect


You can protect industrial sites with Arioflow combined with drones.

Site inspection

You can inspect sites with Arioflow combined with drones.

You can inspect sites with Arioflow combined with drones.



Our applications shop

Discover our application shop, a space dedicated to applications created by our experts. These applications can be adapted to your needs.

Dangerous transport


Our application controls trucks for the transport of dangerous goods.

CNPP fire permit


We have developed an application for the CNPP company's Fire Permits.

Safe to load


The purpose of this application is to inspect trucks entering fuel depots.



The JIG application is used in civil aviation around the world for safety inspections of fuel depots.

Custom application


We can also build costum applications.



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They trust us

Major industry and service groups such as Total, Cunningham Lindsey and CNPP have chosen Arioflow to optimize their inspection processes, expertise and field inspections.

logo Total

TOTAL is the world's fifth largest oil company and a major player in the chemical industry. Total uses the Arioflow solution to automate the processing of safety inspection records for trucks and service stations in France, Belgium and 35 African countries. For more information

Logo Cunningham Lindsey

Cunningham Lindsey is the world's leading provider of insurance expertise services. With Arioflow, Cunningham Lindsey improves the productivity of its 400 French experts, reduces delays, limits errors and differentiates itself in its market. For more information


CNPP is an association made up of 5 divisions: risk management, general safety, fire/explosion, malicious acts, environmental risks and finally professional risks.

CNPP was awarded the Innovation Prize at the opening of the Preventica Rennes trade fair.

What our customers say about us…


Frédéric-Landrieu-Total Frederic Landrieu Land Transport Safety Coordinator - TOTAL Marketing & Service
We have a complete application[...] that gives full satisfaction[...] to the user, but also brings tremendous value to headquarters and central functions.
Carol-Etchebarne-Cunningham-Lindsey Carol Etchebarne Strategy & Innovation Director - Cunningham Lindsey France  
“Arioflow has clearly achieved all our goals of reducing delivery times, increasing the mobility of our experts and reducing costs.”
Frédéric-Landrieu-Total Jerome Fagnou Digital Content Manager - CNPP, expert in risk prevention and control
"Arioflow provided us with its technical expertise on the mobility and dematerialization aspects of our Fire Permit form. This collaboration was rewarded with the innovation prize at PREVENTICA RENNES in 2016. "