4 good reasons to manage your inspections from an app


1 – Stop losing time retyping paper forms4 Good reasons to manage your inspections from an app

Organizations relying on paper forms for their inspections and audits lose ridiculous amounts of time retyping inspection results inspections manually in their IT systems with the risk of introducing mistakes and approximations. Downloading pictures taken on external cameras, renaming them and re-connecting them with the contents of paper forms is an additional tedious task that adds up to the burden. Using a mobile app connected to organization’s IT system solves it all.

2 – Provide more guidance to your auditors

Setting up a clear audit process and having field technicians follow a step-by-step checklist on a mobile device makes the entire process of controlling assets or performing inspections more productive. By providing a level of guidance that paper forms won’t ever deliver, field technicians focus on what matters and achieve better performance.

3 – Make the inspection process collaborative

Using an app that can be accessed by multiple technicians, each of them getting a specific level of access, sometimes with external staff participating (partners, contractors) turns the inspection collaborative and makes it way faster and efficient. Non-conformities are spotted faster, corrective actions scheduled immediately, resulting in streamlined quality procedures.

4 – Motivate field technicians

Field technicians performing audits and control tend to be replaced progressively by millennials who almost grew up with smartphones in their hands. Give them the ability to perform their daily jobs with the tools they’re accustomed to and they will reward you with extra efficiency and happiness at work.



Invitation to a free webinar: how Arioflow app helps Total streamline field inspections

Frédéric Landrieu, Safety Transport Coordinator at TOTAL

Arioflow welcomes Frédéric Landrieu, Safety Transport Coordinator at Total Marketing Services for a webinar 9th July 2015, 2PM (CEST). Webinar will be held in French.

Frédéric Landrieu will give his testimonial in regards to how Total builds with Arioflow a comprehensive digital solution to streamline management of oil transport and delivery-related field inspections, enhance safety auditors productivity and accelerate resolution of non-conformities.

Major update for Arioflow mobile app now available on iTunes App Store

Following last week announcement, we are pleased to inform our fellow iOS users of the availability of Arioflow Inspection v3.5.2 on iTunes App Store.

If your device is not set on automatic updates, please open iTunes App Store, look for the “Updates” section at the bottom of the screen and launch the update for Arioflow. (You will notice application changed its name from Arioflow to Arioflow Inspection). Open the app and then log in using your current credentials! 

Your feedback matters!

Please give us your feedback on the new app by rating or commenting it on iTunes App Store! You can also send us your comments through Twitter, Facebook or Google+. Most relevant ideas and comments will be immediately integrated into the roadmap for our next release!



Major update for Arioflow mobile app available on Google Play

Arioflow team is pleased to announce availability for Android devices of version 3.5.2 of its mobile application! The update should become available to iOS users in the coming days.

Fellow customers, if your device is not set on automatic updates, please open Google Play Store, search for “My Apps” in the top left menu, look for Arioflow and then just click Update. (You will notice application changed its name from Arioflow to Arioflow Inspection). Open the app and then log in using your current credentials! badge_android

New features available immediately: 

New User Experience: Enhanced readability, screenshot_tablet_arioflow30new color codes, revised icons, Arioflow gets smarter and clearer for your own comfort!




Sorting and filtering: Arioflow lets you sort and filter your tasks according to their creation date, appointment time, priority or process.  



Smarter sync: 
Synchronization process gets smarter and waits for you to complete your inspection before starting.


Enhanced image annotation: You can now annotate your pictures, signatures or sketches with multiple colors and pencil shapes.



New features available with customization (contact us for a quote) :


Interactive maps: visualize and edit field control results on an interactive map.Position and count multiple pins. Mandatory feature for inspection of complex sites or facility management duties.



More attached documents : You can now attach new types of documents inside of your reports: PDF, .DOC, videos…

Direct links to shared documents: Field technicians can immediately access shared documents immediately from related checklists.

Large checklist management: Very large checklist can be ordered more precisely and accurately in order to increase their readability and usability.


Your feedback matters!

Please give us your feedback on the new app by rating or commenting it on Google Play! You can also send us your comments through Twitter, Facebook or Google+. Most relevant ideas and comments will be immediately integrated into the roadmap for our next release!



Do more than inspect: track and solve non-conformities!

What do you have in mind when you plan your quality or safety inspections? Are you just satisfying regulatory constraints? Rushing through the chores decided by the quality officer?

What happens to your inspection report once you’ve released it? Who reads it? What are you doing with spotted non-conformities? How do you assign corrective actions?

How can you be sure past non-conformities have been solved 3 months after you reported a compliance issue? Do you have to inspect it all over again?

Tracking status of non-conformities with Arioflow

Carrying out a field inspection should not be an end in itself, as we sometimes see it in organizations still heavily relying on paper. Inspecting should be seen as one single step within a more comprehensive quality, safety or environmental process whose objective is to reach maximum compliance levels. In order to do so, inspection professionals should:

  • make sure a corrective action is scheduled as soon as a non-conformity is spotted
  • be able to visualize an updated list of on-going non-conformities and related corrective actions
  • define objectives for resolution of non-conformities and track completion of those objectives on an updated dashboard
  • share those status and objectives with all stakeholders: management, field technicians, contractors

Technology can be a strong driver towards reaching those objectives:

  • Workflow management systems enable automating those tasks and interactions, thus simplifying the collaboration process
  • Mobile inspection applications facilitate non-conformity description and sharing
  • Data analytic systems simplify creation of visual dashboards and can save heaps of time building and visualizing multiple indicators
  • Cloud-based systems can act as accelerators to deploy all those features with minimal upfront investment

How far are you with implementing those concepts? Please comment and share your experiences!

6 reasons video collaboration can help you streamline your inspection activities


1 – Video collaboration can save heaps of time for your field inspection activitiesArioflow collaborative video solution for field operation support

Field asset inspections or field asset integrity reviews are time-consuming activities often driven by complex regulations and procedures. Empowering field inspectors with capabilities to reach remote experts instantly when they encounter technical troubles or simply need someone to cast another look at a given asset will save your teams heaps of time and avoid mistakes in completing their reports.

2 – Your technical experts are valuable resources – preserve them!

Technicians boasting a genuine expertise on given assets or equipments are usually scarce. In most cases your organization cannot afford to send those technicians out in the field, spend travel and living expenses and prevent them from helping on other tasks each time a remote technical verification is needed. Video collaboration solutions can help you deploy a more efficient team organization where low-qualification or local resources perform inspection with video-powered assistance from your remote experts.

3 – Video collaboration facilitates asset inspection efficiency and traceability

Video interactions happening in the middle of an inspection process can be recorded, stored, replayed for further analysis, eventually enriching the asset inspection history and facilitating field operation traceability.

4 – Mobile video collaboration will improve your field staff morale and make them more efficient

Empowering your field technicians with a personalized, video-enabled mobile application that help them perform their duty faster and collaborate with corporate teams will create a virtuous circle where technicians feel more important, better equipped, resulting in higher morale and productivity.

5 – Field inspectors already have a video-capable smartphone in their pocket

Most of your field inspectors and field workers are now equipped with a 4G-enabled smartphone. App-based mobile video collaboration solutions enable to connect those field workers with remote office-based experts without investing into any specific device or equipment.

6 – Video collaboration will make your organization look smarter

Deploying video collaboration within your inspection activity process will help your organization cast a modern image that can ultimately be turned into a business differentiator and impact the bottom line.